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The poet Ezra Pound, the person who made the single greatest contribution to Twentieth Century arts in the areas of painting, poetry, writing, and sculpting. Also, a Fascist supporter that made propaganda radio broadcasts during WWII.




Mr. Frankson is the head of the Department of Justice, a slow talking Texan whom one instinctively dislikes.




Ernest Hemingway is slim and athletic, with the back and shoulders of a football player. He is every bit a “man’s man,” involved in hunting, sports, warfare, and the conquest of women.


Additional Characters



Camilla (a sophisticated and sexy woman) is an official at the Italian Ministry of Propaganda, Miniculpop.



Ed Johnson, a reporter for the Chicago Sun Foreign Service. 



Dr. Wendell Muncie, a Doctor of Psychiatry.



The Judge for the trial of Ezra Pound.



The poet Allen Ginsberg, a San Francisco Beat Poet, and Jewish.


The Jury

You are the Jury, with live voting to determine the guilt or innocence of Ezra Pound.



Ezra Pound was the single greatest contributor to the growth of literature and literary celebrities in the Twentieth Century. He was also a Fascism supporter, broadcasting anti-war and anti-Semitic rhetoric during WWII. Should history judge us by our best actions, or our worst?


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